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"I love the way that the musicians  related with each other with such synergy."


''The worship there was like hanging out with Jesus and having a party.''




"What was lovely for me was getting blessed coming through the portal and how team were washing people's hands. It reminded me of the verse,

‘Who can go up to the house? Those with clean hands and a pure heart."



"I really felt God stretching me to not just do things based on how they feel, but to really seek understanding in it, and question why we do what we do. I learned to be intentional with my responses."


"There was a lot of organic warrior type movement. It was very organic rather than structured. There was lots of space and it gave me so much joy to look around the room."



Brave Obedience

''After Tabernacle I was able to take courage and listen to Holy Spirit and dance for the first time at our church's women's retreat! Thank you for living and demonstrating a creative way to follow Him”


"Could not get over the love in the room that people had for their brothers and sisters.  It was the heart of God."



"I felt the teaching  really met me where I was at. I've heard some of it before, but I think I just found and heard God more in the teaching this year than the worship which was really new for me. It was really challenging at times but I left feeling encouraged"

Heart of God

''It felt like the gathering was tailored especially for me."


''Loved hanging out with friends old and new, talking of the wonders of God.''


''I left feeling encouraged, inspired and under confident direction for this season.  

Joy in Expression

"I really enjoyed the music and being able to express and move to music with no words."



"The prayer, strategy, thoughts, insights, sacrifice and love you poured into us has nourished us, envisioned us and expanded our spirits and understanding of what it means to live in The Kingdom of Heaven and apply it in everyday life."

More than just the Arts

"Looking over the scope of Workshops what drew our attention was the indicator that this was much much more than about the Arts ; it was getting behind the Arts and the practical application and voice it has in the Church and the world . We were blown away."


"The quality , passion and caliber of the speakers and workshop leaders was world class ."


"The menu of Workshops was like a Tapas Bar -enough of a taste to entice you to dig deeper."


"During the conference, a few people commented on my voice being powerful and good to hear from.  It must have done something in my spirit because I feel more confident to speak up and people are listening to me more in my workplace."


"The closing words of advice on “how to take the experience home“ was so caring and refreshing and certainly not something we have come across before - how very caring and thoughtful especially to folk who live in church communities where true freedom in the Spirit is less tangibly expressed."

Breathed out of Sound 

''His voice is thunder

It also releases a palette of paint into the atmosphere

As he creates, we reflect His glory.

As every daywear walk the earth, He paints, He creates.

We walk in this 3D world, he created for our existence

That he breathed out of sound.''

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