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''I’m strongly motivated to be more creative when I get home. Made‍‍‍ me appreciate the helpfulness of atmosphere, visual aids, noise, scents and general feel of a place in my drawing nearer to God.''

Woodworking workshop

''I only booked to come to Tabernacle at the last minute, I really wasn't sure if it was for me as I wasn't sure which, if any, of the workshops I ‍‍‍would attend. When I arrived I found that there was a woodworking workshop which immediately grabbed my attention as God had been indicating that He wants me to get into woodworking, as that is where my creativity lies.''

'Observing the Sabbath'

''The times of praise were fantastic and the teaching I heard was stuff which really helped clear up the confusion abo‍‍‍ut 'observing the Sabbath' that I'd experienced as a kid which was with me into my adult life.''‍‍‍

''Nurtured beautifully into abandonment in a safe place.''


'It was an oasis of refreshing for my creativity, one which will enable me to continue on the task before me. Thank you for creating this space for me and many.'

'It was an oas‍‍‍is of refreshing for my creativity'

Finding Tribe

''Finding you lot has been like finding my tribe, finding my forever family. You inspire me to carry on and to develop further.''

Starting Fires

‍‍‍‍‍‍''Every time I meet up with you, you resource me. It's like taking an ember from a blazing fire and returning home with it to start new fires.''

Dawning of a New Era

''It is overwhelming to be surrounded by such excellence of beauty.''

‍‍‍''Thank you so much! This is the dawning of a new age or era. Wonderful opportunity to meet with gifted/arty people using their talents to demonstrate the Kingdom and Christian wholeness in the ‘arts’ an area too long left to the world.''

‍‍‍‍‍‍Called into the Sound

''Wave after wave of sound      

The sound of colour                  

The sound of silence                

The sound of heaven being    ‍‍  released on earth.            

Vibrat‍‍‍ing with the sound  Resonating with the sound  

Being called into the sound  

A sense of sounding from the depths''

A Unique Place

''Thank you dear Lord, I have an important and unique place as a link in the chain. Thank you dear Lord, I belong.''


''I feel inspired to write stories from people, giving a voice to the voiceless. Like a journalist, like a correspondent. I’m going to pursue this.''

Glory & Possibility

''Loved encountering the Presence of God, in the free–flow of an un-scripted ‘programme’. Great sensitivity of musicians and worship leaders. An atmosphere of glory and possibility, unity of purpose, family and maturity. The beginning of great things – a threshold – fun – fellowship – freedom – the future. A safe place filled with Father’s love. Transdimensional. “Behold I make all things new”


'Words of meaning spoken over me that only God knows'

‍‍‍'''I came‍‍‍ as a creative who desires to call out the creativity in others so they can encounter The Creator. It has been amazing to meet so many others who know Him as I do. He has touched me so deeply, words of meaning spoken over me that only God knows.''


‍‍‍''The tabernacle gave me the space to allow God to take me on a journey into deeper emotions and greater connections. It has been beautiful to journey with everyone and still go to the places God wants on‍‍‍ly for me. Allowing my heart to be freed up and my mind to find the place of deep refreshment.''

Amazing Music‍‍‍

''How amazing it feels to listen to live instrumental music. It really blessed my spirit so much, especially as they played near to me.''

''The music and epiphany really impacted me, just the sound, the intensity was so much more than just music.''‍‍‍

A Symphony of Heaven and Earth Meeting

''What a beautiful space Tabernacle created. There was no them and us. I loved the words 'we were all here for an audience of one together.' A symphony of heaven and earth meeting.''

‍‍‍''Ove‍‍‍rall whole event was superb.''

Strategies for the Way Forward

‍‍‍‍‍‍'Strategies for the way forward. I feel there’s something of a creativity in the words & verse that God is giving me. A beauty that attracts and convicts. I see a new way of speaking, writing, communicating, that is not of me and it would be good to know more about how to develop this.''

'A new way of speaking..'

No judgement, only acceptance.

''He has touched me so deeply, words of meaning spoken over me that only He knows. The edges of my knowing Him have been stretched. I have seen‍‍‍ and experienced His greatness, deep places have been restored with no judgement, only acceptance.


The journey into the Tabernacle on Friday

Visiting the Holy of Holies on Saturday morning

Epiphany: their ministry. Loved that the team played around the room

Gathering with like-minded creatives

Freedom to be

Incredible Encounter

''With a variety of musical instruments playing over groups and individuals it was mind altering- explosive joy! A true lasting, incredible‍‍‍ encounter.''

‍‍‍Overall, a transforming, revival catalyst weekend – This Tabernacle weekend I believe, is setting off heather‍‍‍ fires‍‍‍ across Scotland and across the UK.

Jewish Tabernacle

''Relating things to the Tabernacle and Jewish setting was good and understanding their use of artisans to glorify God’s house. It's time for the redeeming of arts in the Christian world and to use them for Kingdom extension.''

‍‍‍''This felt like an amazing time of relea‍‍‍se and commissioning''


'It’s like an extended family and healing, restoration, understanding meeting with Father, Son, Holy Spirit, this happy feast of fun, fellowship, comfort and love!.'‍‍‍

'Happy feast of fun,         fellowship, comfort and love!'

''Loved all the sermons & workshops.''

Significant encounters

''I feel it’s been a very significant weekend. Something has been awakened in me and I feel different. Opened my eyes to the beauty, potential an‍‍‍d vastness of creativity and art. Will be stepping out.''

'Significant ‍‍‍weekend'

''Revival words that reaffirm o‍‍‍ur calling in Scotland.''

Whole Person Worship

‍‍‍‍‍‍''Loved the chance to be in a whole brain worship/thinking environment, whole person worship – two way! First commandment- to‍‍‍‍‍‍ walk and talk with the Lord.''

''Inspired to seek a deeper level of intimacy with the one true God.''

‍‍‍''Encouragement to try something ‍‍‍new.''

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