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The 6 Lane Highway

Tabernacle Oct Delegates 2016

I was really built up, empowered, blessed, challenged by the whole experience!!   Really wonderfulI. I had a dream of a huge highway being built like a 6 lane motorway with a white covering. To me this meant the New Highway of Holiness  for revival in the land.'

'Thank you for an amazing time together!!

A Place of Freedom

Tabernacle Delegates Oct 2016

'Stuck to the floor for 45mins with the fire!'

‍‍‍'I had a realisation of how glorious I look in the presence of God‍‍‍’s glory, how I live as I daily tabernacle.  I could see the collation of prophetic words God has given me coming to fruition particularly during the release of sound.'


Tabernacle Dlegates Oct 2016

'I was so excited when I heard the Tabernacle was starting.  There is so much more of God to explore and revel in and The Tabernacle was a great opportunity to do that!'    

'Love the modeling of creativity in different ways'

'Loved the freeflow and freedom to explore new things'

Unified Movement

Tabernacle Delegate Oct 2016

'On Friday I saw everyone as children walking through the Red Sea, step by step another person was set free.  I saw sparkles above people’s heads and one by one people were set free.  On Saturday, there was a real sense of a unified movement, forward.'

Song of Songs

Tabernacle Delegate Oct 2016

‍‍‍'Jesus came and drew me away to dance with Him in the desert to restore to me with love and intimacy with him in the secret place.  Deep in the tent of‍‍‍ meeting He sang just to me, the song of all Songs.

'Please do not stop, do not turn back.  Go forward into the New with Courage Hope and Love.'


Tabernacle Delegates Oct 2016


'Freedom in Worship  

'Breaking strongholds'


' Increase of joy'


'Let’s do it again soon!'

Hope for new life

Tabernacle Delegates Oct 2016

‍‍‍'I had breakthrough in my life to expand my comfort zone.  Also breakthrough to move forward with my life + children + family. I don’t normally draw but I did this time and it released in me a good feeling that we will have children.  I had 3 people pray for children over me.'‍‍‍

'Loved all the new creative expressions like releasing sound'

A Heavenly Place

Tabernacle Delegates 2015

'The Tabernacle was so amazing, the presence of God was so heavy & intimate. At times the worship & movement was very prophetic and kept you in the peace of His love so that you forgot where you were - as if you were in a heavenly place!'

'More please!'

A new Song

Tabernacle Delegates 2016

'The Presence of God heavy upon us-     encountering, cleansing, healing.'

'I wrote a prophetic song for healing, never did that before!  Back pain much less….. going, going, going…'

‍‍‍'Holy spirit was renewing my mind, ‍‍‍wasn’t aware of what – just knew it was happening!'

So so much more

Tabernacle Delegates Oct 2016

'Can’t describe it yet!  But there is so so so so so much more we haven’t even scratched the surface.'

' Loved meeting with like-minded people.  Great teaching on shame and tabernacle. Freedom to experiment without performance.'


Tabernacle Delegate Oct 2016

‍‍‍'I always felt like God’s heart was just so full of joy as His children were allowed to truly be who they are.  They were allowed to express themselves and I feel like God’s heart was overjoyed.  Freedom so opposite to what ‍‍‍most churches allow – was incredible to see makes me hungry to see the same all over!'


Tabernacle Delegate Oct 2016

‍‍‍‍‍‍'I sensed the Lord saturating the atmosphere, releasing revelation and breathi‍‍‍ng upon us.  I felt His pleasure with the hearts here, with their hunger for Him. I sensed gifts be‍‍‍ing unwrapped and released.  Heaven kissing earth. It was an honor to come, to be among those hungry for more.  Every step toward God brings freedom.  I took mo‍‍‍re steps this weekend.'

An Encounter with God

Delegate, CLAN Gathering July 2015

‍‍‍' I had an encounter with God...seeing Him as a creative God in a completely different and deeper way than ever before. By following the journey through the tabernacle teaching, I hav‍‍‍e met with His Power and feel empowered to be able to draw upon his infinite resources in a much clearer/easier way.'

A Place of Freedom

‍‍‍‍‍‍Delegate, CLAN Gathering July 2015

‍‍‍'The Tabernacle was a place of freedom where I felt like I was FREE to be me, I was able to flag & dance like I have not done for years & I could worship like I do on my own, and not feel self-conscious or odd. It was a place of rest, acc‍‍‍eptance & encouragement. I think I was there each day of the week of CLAN. It was great that it was not competitive & there was freedom to talk, discuss & fellowship or to be silent & to create.'

Tabernacle Teaching

Delegate, CLAN Gathering July 2015

‍‍‍‍‍‍'I found it so h‍‍‍elpful & inspiring to understanding that we are the tabernacle, & of the journey of drawing closer to the Lord & the necessity of being changed so we can host more of His presence. I want to follow God’s presence in EV‍‍‍ERYTHING.'

MP3 Tabernacle teachings are available to buy here.

Empowering Encounters

Tabernacle Delegates 2015

'I encountered God through the whole atmosphere in the Tabernacle.'  

I felt relaxed and empowered.

‍‍‍'On the last day, I got prayer to be a groundbreaker & felt‍‍‍ empowered with freedom to dance & make a joyful noise. Most importantly, affirmation & freedom to be & discover who God called me to be.'

Creativity & Art

Tabernacle Delegates 2015

'I used pastels for first time...freeing, as I often see in colours. I also felt a release of prophetic which had been previously squashed as weird by others.'

‍‍‍' I would especially like the dance worship team to know that watching them in worship broug‍‍‍ht joy springing up in my heart & prayer that what they were depicting in dance & colour would impact the hearts of all gathered in the tent.'

Total Acceptance

Tabernacle Delegates 2015

'A wonderfully free and loving safe space to soak, rest, be healed and refreshed. Total acceptance. Unity and community expressed in diversity. A prophetic flow. Not controlling.'

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍I thank God for this time and place‍‍‍

‍‍‍' I found the Tabernacle on the last day of CLAN Gathering, I wish I had found it on the first day.'

Incredible Meeting with the Holy Spirit

Tabernacle Delegates 2015

'Incredible meeting with the Holy Spirit. Never realized how important the symbology of the O.T. Tabernacle is in understanding how God now dwells in us and the use of this knowledge to be able to not only have a greater understanding of my inner self, but also how to draw upon the power of the Holy Spirit.'

A Heavenly Place

Tabernacle Delegates 2015

'The Tabernacle was so amazing, the presence of God was so heavy & intimate. At times the worship & movement was very prophetic and kept you in the peace of His love so that you forgot where you were - as if you were in a heavenly place!'

Space to Worship

Tabernacle Delegates 2015

‍‍‍' My experience of the tabernacle -I thought it was amazing! My most enjoyed Clan yet. I ‍‍‍loved having the space to worship and not have to worry about quenching anything the Spirit ‍‍‍was doing in me and in others.'

'Through the movement and the art – I found myself stepping out.'

Surpassed all Expectations

Tabernacle Team Member 2015

‍‍‍'Tabernacle surpassed all expectations for me, working & living in it for the week with the team, wonderful teaching & encouragement giving me an enlarged vision for the future.  As the week progressed, it was wonderful to see more & more delegates coming to explore their creativity, curious about the worship music streaming from the Tabernacle, or just simply to connect with the Father amidst the busyness that is CLAN.'‍‍‍

Healing Through Art

Tabernacle Team Member 2015

‍‍‍‍‍‍'There were testimonies of my artwork unlocking & healing people. I felt truly blessed & know that God is now using me to minister to others with prophetic art. Praying continuously & inviting God into everything, helped me practice the presence of God during painting, reception & gallery duties. All the ‍‍‍cre‍‍‍ative worship helped me  connect with God–dance, Word, colours, flags/ribbons, music, art, poetry, song, painting etc!'

The Invitation to go Deeper

Tabernacle Delegates 2015

'Words are somehow‍‍‍ insufficient but a deeper ‍‍‍connection with the Cr‍‍‍eator has been established.... I have experienced the invitation to go deeper into Him. To desire and know hHis heart above all, to the point where it’s all about Him.'

An Important Journey

Tabernacle Delegates 2015

‍‍‍'Through the teaching, I learned the importance of taking the journey through the Tabernacle in the right order from the outer courts (transforming the flesh) through the Holy Place (transforming the soul) and the importance of dwelling at each of the pieces of furniture in turn before entering the Holy of Holies, and by doing so encountering the presence of God (the Holy Spirit) in a deeper‍‍‍ way than I have ever experienced before.'

The Healing Power of Prophetic Art

Tabernacle Team Member 2015

‍‍‍'On arriving home from CLAN we found lots of tension‍‍‍ between a lovely couple who we have come to know well over the last year. Stories were told over a meal of the week at CLAN and I produced photos of my paintings "Heaven Touching Earth" and "Energise".

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‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Radical Healing

Tabernacle Delegate 2015

'I was not in the ‍‍‍tabernacle as Morven paint 'Light Pierces Deep', but later in the week I was in during a talk and it was one of the painting we looked at. When I saw it my first response was one of deep, unsettling fear . .'

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