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The Healing Power of Prophetic Art

Tabernacle Team Member 2015

' On arriving home from CLAN we found lots of tension between a lovely couple who we have come to know well over the last year. Stories were told over a meal of the week at Clan and I produced photos of my paintings "Heaven Touching Earth" and "Energise". The husband looked at the first one and a wonderful smile came over his face - he saw God's face smiling at him. His wife couldn't take her eyes off "Energise" - she saw people at the foot of the 'lightening', some stooped, some walking, some crawling towards the power source seeking healing. ... I put it to her that she was one of those seeking healing we watched as her mindset completely changed from totally negative to realising that the Lord was working on her. We realised she had dressed in the colours that matched the painting colours, she couldn't tear her eyes from it. Wonderful to witness.

Radical Healing

Tabernacle Delegate 2015

' I was not in the tabernacle as Morven painted 'Light Pierces Deep', but later in the week I was in during a talk, and it was one of the paintings we looked at it. When I saw it, my first response was one of deep unsettling fear. Most people could see it as the Holy Spirit falling and bringing revival to a barren land but, I could only feel it as a threat of penetration, an inescapable uncontrollable force that would fully possess me. To feel that left me feeling ashamed that that was my response to one of God's greatest gifts to us.

I think it was the same day that I asked for prayer to let the Holy Spirit fully fill me. I shared my fear of that and desire to change. My fears were grounded in having been raped and abused as a child, and being so scared to give that power to inhabit my body to anything. The fear I felt looking at the painting showed me that it was due to my fear of giving that control away again.

After praying I lay for over an hour in the centre of the Tabernacle space and a battle raged in my muscles over letting go and letting the Spirit fully fill me. My muscles won, I blocked repeatedly, I was shaking and when the tent was due to close, I was exhausted and discouraged.

Over the next few weeks I continued to pray, and I continued to try, often using a mental image of the painting to visualise the spirit falling on me.

Every time the furthest I could get was letting the Spirit into most of me, never to my core.

Then one night after a main meeting at New Wine, I had stood as we asked the spirit to fall, and I did not block. That night I received some physical healing for a torn muscle, and some emotional healing in my relationship with God.

... I can truly say, I now look at your picture, and instead of feeling fear, I feel joy and wonder at the magnificence and power of the spirit.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you how God has used your spirit inspired painting in my life, thank you for being open and willing.