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"The closing words of advice on “how to take the experience home“ was so caring and refreshing and certainly not something we have come across before - how very caring and thoughtful especially to folk who live in church communities where true freedom in the Spirit is less tangibly expressed." Tabernacle delegate 2018

''It is time to pick up the mantel of my call, no more sitting on the sidelines but driven to the place I need to be to go higher, further and be the ‘son of God’ He needs me to be ‘the bride’ He needs me to be ‘the partner and friend’ He needs me to be. It is overwhelming to be surrounded by such excellence of beauty. Thank you so much! This is the dawning of a new age or era.'' Tabernacle delegate 2017

''What a beautiful space Tabernacle created. There was no them and us. I loved the words we were all here for an audience of one together. A symphony of heaven and earth meeting.'' Tabernacle delegate 2017

''Loved the chance to be in a whole brain worship/thinking environment, whole person worship – two way! First commandment.'' Tabernacle delegate 2017

''Finding you folks has been like finding my tribe, finding my forever family. You inspire me to carry on and to develop further. Every time I meet up with you, you resource me. It is like taking an ember from a blazing fire and returning home with it to start new fires.''

Tabernacle delegate 2017

"The prayer, strategy, thoughts, insights, sacrifice and love you poured into us has nourished us, envisioned us and expanded our spirits and understanding of what it means to live in The Kingdom of Heaven and apply it in everyday life."

Tabernacle delegate 2018

"The menu of Workshops was like a Tapas Bar -enough of a taste to entice you to dig deeper." Tabernacle delegate 2018

'I left feeling encouraged, inspired and under confident direction for this season.  " Tabernacle delegate 2018

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'The Tabernacle was so amazing, the presence of God was so heavy & intimate. At times the worship & movement was very prophetic and kept you in the peace of His love so that you forgot where you were - as if you were in a heavenly place!'

Tabernacle delegate 2016

"The quality , passion and caliber of the speakers and workshop leaders was world class."

Tabernacle delegate 2018