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OUR PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM: lead by Karen Beaton, who is skilled in the art of capturing the action without invading the privacy of those who are deep in worship. Our photographers do not photograph delegates' faces in intimate moments with God. They can however photograph other team with their permission as many of our photos will reflect. Karen and team go after Spirit led photography not just great photos. Over the years Karen has been commissioned many times to capture the extraordinary creative worship of God that is bubbling up as a greater diversity of expression in worship is being restored to the church. She has also captured the unexpected and the highly supernatural at times!

SENSITIVITY WITH PHOTOGRAPHY - A PROTECTED SPACE: We would ask therefore that you are very sensitive if taking photos and not take the faces of people deep in worship and post them on social media so that Tabernacle can be protected as a safe, intimate space with God and each other.   More on Team



"I’ve found new freedom in dance. I found myself journeying with the music. Tabernacle delegate 2017


YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN DANCE & MOVEMENT IN ANY SESSION WHERE SPACE IS AVAILABLE: We are beyond convinced that movement and dance are an incredible part of worship, King David and Miriam certainly thought so. Space is a challenge in some sessions as we appreciate this creative expression thrives on space. But where we are tight on room in some all-together sessions, in workshops situated in the main hall we will strive to make as much space as possible for movement. Flagging is an art form indeed but depending on numbers sadly this may not be possible due to safety reasons and so we will have a range of fabrics available. We are praying in a bigger building where dancers and movers can have loads of space in the future, but for now we can offer you an worshipful atmosphere were this expression is highly valued and cherished.

TABERNACLE MOVEMENT TEAM: Anna Griffin leads this area and will be there to help if needed as will other Tabernacle team regarding making space for you in sessions where possible. More on Team


THERE WILL BE A WOODWORK STATION INSIDE THE MAIN HALL FOR YOU TO PARTICIPATE: There was good reason that Jesus was a carpenter- crafting with wood is brilliant! There will be an indoor area for people to come and work with wood during any session and an outdoor area for preparation or projects that need it. We will supply wood & tools for small projects. We are excited about worship with wood, everyone welcome as spaces permit during sessions. Anyone under 18 needs accompanied by an adult.

TABERNACLE WOODWORK TEAM: Ben Griffin leads the Blueflame woodworking group. Along with his team, he will be there to guide and help in this area. More on Team

"What a beautiful space Tabernacle created. There was no them and us. I loved the words we were all here for an audience of one together. A symphony heaven and earth meeting."   Tabernacle delegate 2017




YOU ARE VERY WELCOME TO BRING CRAFT MATERIALS & USE THEM DURING SESSIONS: We would ask that these be smaller projects that are easily transportable as with so much creativity going on, we need to consider space. Sewing, felting, knitting and more are all loved at Tabernacle. What a great way to explore God!! An indoor woodwork station will be available as well (see below for info).

TABERNACLE CRAFTERS: Anne Omand leads the Blueflame crafting group who will be there leading the way on this as a wonderful expression of worship and journey. More on Team

MUSIC & sound


TABERNACLE MUSICIANS: Our team of musicians ‍‍come from a different nations providing exciting blend of sounds and journeys. They will seek to follow the Holy Spirit helping to lead us into places in God's presence that are joyful & exuberant, contemplative or challenging and unexpected.   More on Team

"I’ve found my note." Tabernacle delegate

"Wonderful opportunity to meet with gifted people using their talents to demonstrate the Kingdom and Christian wholeness in the ‘arts’ an area too long left to the world." Tabernacle delegate 2017

''I loved painting with other artists, and painting while teaching, worship with music and movement went on. I loved the freedom to explore and continue to paint or not. I loved how music, sounds, movement and colour prophesied, resonated and sang through and to our beings. I felt like I had come home in many ways - experiencing all this in the worship setting was to discover a missing element I hadn't known I had missed. It so completed me." Tabernacle delegate 2017


''It has been beautiful to journey with everyone and still go to the places God wants only for me. Allowing my heart to be freed up and my mind to the place of deep refreshment.'

Tabernacle Delegate 2017


EASEL SPACE FOR LIVE ART DURING SESSIONS: We have some limited table space available in main sessions and workshops.

ART DURING TABERNACLE: There will some dry art materials available- papers, pens, pencils etc. If you wish to bring your own dry art materials - please do. There will be various spaces in sessions available for art depending on how much space you need.

TABERNACLE LIVE ART TEAM: This area is led by Jinty McKirdy from Scotland. More on Team

"I feel a deeper well has been stirred up – the old way has gone, the new is being ushered in – yet we are partnering with the Holy Spirit and the great cloud of witnesses. My own heart was stirred, joy and elation has risen up in me and I feel free to be myself, accepted just as I am and as part of a family. It is time to pick up the mantel and more into my call, no more sitting on the sidelines but driven to the place I need to be to go higher, further and be the ‘son of God’ He needs me to be ‘the bride’ He needs me to be ‘the partner and friend’ He needs me to be. It is overwhelming to be surrounded by such excellence of beauty. Thank you so much! This is the dawning of a new era." Tabernacle delegate 2017



THE TABERNACLE WAS A HEAVENLY PATTERN THAT CONTAINED GOD'S CHOICE OF ATMOSPHERE DESIGN. However, far from bare walls and a focus on practicalities, the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple of Solomon contain an example of spectacular heavenly atmosphere design. From the an abundance of gold, silver and bronze in exquisite works of art, to vast weavings depicting the angelic in scarlet, blue and purple as coverings and veils, these were places of magnificent beauty that were shrouded in mystery, enigma and the supernatural. Today, our atmosphere design seeks to create spaces where prayerfully made creative works are made in partnership with His Spirit to invite the presence of a Holy God. It can be electrifying!

TABERNACLE ATMOSPHERE DESIGN TEAM: Lara Thomson leads this area. More on Team    More on Atmosphere Design

'‍‍'‍It is overwhelming to be surrounded by such excellence of beauty.'' Tabernacle Delegate 2018





Our teams of speakers and musicians do not seek to lead us into worship alone, but they join together with a whole host of creative expressions as one voice, and invite you into that journey. We will seek God through the Word & our words; sound & song; media, movement & music; craft & contemplation; paint, prophecy, photography & poetry; woodwork & wonder; design & dance. When we do not limit how God can speak to us, we will find a greater understanding of who He is and a depth in Him we have yet to discover.

“Joy is the serious business of heaven.” CS Lewis

speach bubble circle


"We were practicing movement using a long length of fabric, usually I feel the pattern of the movement as a I physically engage in the process but this time I could see something moving in the shapes of the fabric like an angelic presence and how the angelic could move.  I was led to follow this movement for myself, it was amazing' delegate


YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN CREATIVE WRITING IN ANY SESSION: 'Words weave worlds' as Hannah Sanderson said. Through the ages man has expressed humanities many facets through words and language. This area is vast, from studying the Word itself for inspiration, to pouring our inspired writing in worship and connection with God, this area manifests in many ways. We will have a wall to pin up and share what you have written beside the art produced during Tabernacle as well as opportunities to read out what's been written. We look forward to seeing what you are inspired to write.

TABERNACLE CREATIVE WORDS TEAM: Hannah Sanderson leads this area at Tabernacle - both wordsmiths who know how to write from the presence of God and express their heart by crafting with words in prose, prophetic poetry and language . More on Team


"The sound of God reaches into the foundations and creates new life. His word creates." delegate