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This creative movement began to bubble up through the DNA of Streams Ministries International. This inspired Charity Bowman- Webb to write her book and course ‘Limitless',  the ministry she leads called ’Blueflame’ and the beginning of the gathered expression we called Tabernacle. These are all very much founded on the principals taught by Streams Ministries, and our leadership includes the president of Streams Ministries International, John E Thomas and Streams Training Centre leaders Rick and Cynthia Hayes. Charity and John are spearheading the new ’Streams Creative House’ and working together with an international core team - it’s an exciting time! Tabernacle will now offically be a gathered expression of Streams Creative House, continuing to be a place of exploration and creativity, seeking to help people deepen connection with God.


Introducing Streams Creative House

11th - 13th of October : Inverness

Tabernacle is a pioneering gathered space that allows us to seek god deeply together. The key elements are: the release of creative expression, an understanding of the heavenly tabernacle pattern linking past and present, and a desperate hunger for deeper connection with God. It’s becoming a movement, a freedom movement that is being released wherever God sends us. faith forms the bridge into the unfolding of a new season.

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God is looking for us to respond & steward it well with growing maturity so it can be maintained.

IN THE NEXT SEASON OF THE CHURCH God wants to restore a balance of the practical with the supernatural.

THE NEW & THE SUPERNATURAL can scare us when we do not understand them.

WE MUST TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE NEW THINGS OF GOD & the dynamics of His supernatural kingdom, or we may reject a substantial part of His character and message.

God has called us to first love Him, and then out of the overflow to love people

What would happen if your spirit was given freedom to explore your unique shape and how that fits together within the greater structure that houses His presence, for this time and season.

What does this look like? To draw close and closer still.

To see an outpouring of God's changing presence. What will God show us? How will He change us?

What will He commission us to do?

To have no walls and no ceiling for God

To make a place of freedom for the Spirit of God to teach us: A space for receiving Heaven’s strategies, solutions, innovations and blueprints.

He wants to show us ways of advancing His Kingdom we haven't even thought of

''What a beautiful space Tabernacle created. There was no them and us. I loved the words 'we were all here for an audience of one together'. A symphony of heaven and earth meeting.'' Delegate 17

''The teaching was strong in foundation and dripping with revelation. You really felt the depth of journey from the speakers.  My spirit felt strengthened by the words and it has encouraged me to pray and read my bible more.'' Delegate 17

''Glory & Possibility ''Loved encountering the Presence of God, in the free–flow of an un-scripted ‘programme’. Great sensitivity of musicians and worship leaders. An atmosphere of glory and possibility, unity of purpose, family and maturity. The beginning of great things – a threshold – fun – fellowship – freedom – the future. A safe place filled with Father’s love. Transdimensional. “Behold I make all things new” Delegate 17

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